Tuesday 12 January 2016

My blog is moving!

Hello all! It's true, my blog is moving. It seemed quite silly of me not to integrate it into my official website, and so that's exactly what I've done. All the old blog posts are still intact over there, so nothing is lost, but it does mean the URL for my blog (for any future updates, including the one I published there this morning!) is going to be different, so if you need to update a bookmark to stay in the loop, now is a wonderful time to do that.

>>>>>>> Here is the link you will need <<<<<<<

(you can anonymously hit 'follow' over there, on the top right of the page, to sign up immediately for notifications of new post sent straight to your inbox by email, so it's nice and simple!).

I hope you like it. I love it already (it's much nicer looking, and what a relief to have everything in one place!).

There is even a brand new post which I have written today, and it's a good one, packed to the brim of images from 2015.

Enjoy!! Thank you for following!! :-)

And Happy New Year!

~ Ella Rose ~

(Over and out!)