Thursday, 22 October 2009

How it all began...

This AMAZING portrait, 'Profile', is a little slow in being uploaded. It's a painting by the wonderful painter Robbie Wraith. I'm very proud to have been the subject of his work for as long as I was, and hope to return to his studio some time in the future.

Longlisted for the Threadneedle Prize 2009, we were sadly robbed by judges who failed to see the genius... The Times obviously did though, as it was the one image they chose to print alongside an article about the prize!

Anyway, look closely - the man is very talented. :)

Another one, actually:

Belmont House

These were taken by Paul Viant at the beautiful Belmont House. Just some stock images - he wanted a massage/spa feel. It was a lovely day and I look forward to the next.

We also did some others.

Sunday, 11 October 2009

Berkeley Castle Charity Shoot

I had the opportunity to help out the Cotswold Care Hospice recently by taking part in a shoot designed to raise awareness of the Cotswold's charity shops in the run up to Christmas. I am hugely pro shopping in charity shops and love to think that the clothes and items I buy there have their own histories. I know some people can be squeamish about this kind of thing, but I would urge anyone to have a look and challenge them not to find something cool to buy!

The shoot took place in Berkeley Castle. I've shot there before and know how jaw-droppingly stunning a location it is, which kind of sealed the deal for me, as well as the fact that it was a chance to work with Simon Walden again. Simon did my second ever shoot so I was keen to show some improvement the second time around! He is a great character - full of energy and enthusiasm.

It was a fun day! From left to right: Marianne (Care Hospice), Simon, Ashley Williams (hair stylist), Marcus (Care Hospice and photographer), Emma, Kas, moi, Rob Golding (photographer), Kate Parker (stylist).

Some shots from the day:

And finally, part of the shoot was a mini Christmas party scene! It felt very bizarre doing this in early October, but somehow I've felt a bit Christmassy ever since. The table was very luxuriously dressed, but, sadly, the wine tasted of sprite..... Ah well. Cheers!!