Monday, 28 March 2011


This is just a quick entry in between catching up on emails after a brilliant week shooting in Spain (more on that soon!). I just wanted to show a few shots from a photographer I worked with earlier this month (no link to his work online, unfortunately, but he knows who he is and this is posted with thanks!) at the Kennington camera club. I was sent these images straight after the shoot, just so that I could see how they look, but they aren't finished products, in the sense that they are intended to become cyanotypes and carbon transfer prints, and a chosen few of them might be put onto copper plates later this summer. The photographer uses the techniques and process of the Nineteenth Century (mainly gravure and platinum printing) and is doing a PhD concentrating on representations of the body. The shoot was quite unusual for me, in that it consisted almost entirely of 'acting' (more properly so than in the usual sense of 'modelling'); I was given roles to dramatise and unusual things to do while being photographed. I found it quite challenging, but in a refreshing way, and it was certainly fun! This was the first shoot during which I've ever been asked to be photographed while singing a song, for example! I love singing, but I'm pretty shy about doing it in front of people... I won't tell you what I sang, but it is a childhood favourite!

Anyway, acting adventures aside, I thought some of the portraits I was sent were very nice in particular, and as they are in the 'not quite what they're meant to be yet' phase (though, as I say, I think they're great and very nicely lit), they are completely unretouched. To be fair, a lot of the work you'll see in my portfolios and on here are also unretouched in this way (e.g. no skin work) and I'm a big fan of natural, simple shots. I hope you like them too.

Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Birthday publication!

It was my birthday on Monday - thanks everyone for the millions of good wishes I received in internet land! I felt very loved, and decided I was totally happy to have a birthday after all. I always feel a bit funny about birthdays, but genuinely had such a nice day, starting with a hair modelling shoot which left my hair all sculpted-yet-floaty-and-whimsical for the rest of the day and evening (proper blog post with images to come soon!), then a ridiculous amount of all my favourite types of cake (a heavy emphasis on fondant fancies) with my family, then cocktails with some good friends in a gorgeous Moroccan themed bar on the Cowley Road in Oxford. Lush! So happy, and my friends got me some flippin' lovely presents and handmade cards (I have such creative friends who always impress me! I just wish I'd remembered to get my camera out BEFORE the very end of the night when only a few of us hardcore Monday-nighters were still celebrating) - jewellery, notebooks, tea cup & saucer set(!)... they all know my colours and taste so well, hehe. My Mum also bought me guide books on Central America, as I'll be having a bit of a gaddabout later this year. Tres exciting.

In other news (well, it might not be news to you if you've seen my facebook wall recently, since it keeps being filled with photographers posting that they've noticed me in their favourite mag!), a shoot I recently did for Digital Camera magazine (photographed by photographer and editor Ben Brain) resulted in being published on the UK & US covers of the April issue, plus multiple shots (including some little 'behind the scenes' images) spread over 14 pages inside. The main feature is called 'Shoot Stunning Fine Art', so it's full of tips and know-how gems for photographers branching out into this genre.

I'll post some of the tearsheets below, and maybe finish with cake:


Thursday, 3 March 2011

Modelling for Workshops

I've noticed that some photographers think models might not be too interested in seeing their shots of you, as you have (as a photographer said to me yesterday) 'billions' of photos of yourself already. Well, I don't think I quite have a billion(!) but it's true I've seen renditions of my own mug a few more times than the average person. However, I'm always interested in seeing how things turn out - different effects and styles mean there are a corresponding billion ways my mug can manifest itself as a photographic image, and I genuinely love seeing the fruits of mine and a photographer's labour!

SO, I am always particularly chuffed when budding photographers attending workshops I model for then add me on facebook, tagging me in shots they've taken, or email me to show me their results!

Here are two more from the Yerbury boudoir workshop I modelled for recently. I thought the glowy light in these was fantastic when I saw them! By Donovan & Donovan Photography:

I've also modelled many times for the British Institute of Professional Photography, for their fashion, portrait and bridal workshops (I'll be modelling on 16th March for another bridal workshop). This is by Rob Grimes, for a workshop led by the lovely Kelly Hearn. Photographing through a veil can be difficult, focus-wise, but makes for a really nice effect: