Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Mauve Woods & Mayhem

Oh dear, I can't pretend I'm not a bit behind on this blog! Time has been flying for me lately and I've been happily busy, but I'm keen to show some more images here (with plenty more coming up as always!), and this edition features some by Mark Russell, who was a pleasure to work with. We wandered around the natural environment near where I live (for clarification, though, I do live in an actual house) and I really enjoyed making these! They're a bit fresh and summery-looking... I'm dreaming of warmer weather and getting excited every time I find myself not feeling too blustery and cold at the moment. Not that I mind wrapping up warm - I do like winter for all it has to offer... But I'm so glad the days are getting longer!

In other news.... It's been nice to get some lovely messages about the fact that Model Mayhem published my article, '10 Things You Might Not Know About Nude Models', on their main page (you can view it here), even if there were some slight edits made to the original (which was first posted here on my blog). I'm happy for it to be shared around by those finding it useful/entertaining, and thank you to those who are asking permission before linking to it - I just ask for my name and website link (www.ellarosemuse.co.uk) to be mentioned clearly in each case. Thank you. :-)

Tuesday, 13 January 2015

May in the Wrecks & Cotswolds?

Hello! I'm now taking bookings for April - December, both in the UK and abroad, so you are welcome to get in touch if you like the idea of hiring me to pose for your project or creative ideas during those three quarters of 2015. (And you are also welcome to send me a message if you'd like to me to contact you personally if any more free time comes up before then).

... And here are a couple of advert-images for two location workshops coming up on the 8th and 9th of May, where I will be joined by my friend and partner in art, Ivory Flame. We have been described a few times in the past as the 'dream team', but personally, I would never be so presumptuous. :-) 

Info (including how to book) on the images, which you can click to enlarge.

Wednesday, 7 January 2015


My last trip abroad of 2014 took me to somewhere I'd never been to before - Venice! Jeremy Howitt and I had been discussing it for what felt like forever, so it was so nice to have the opportunity to model there. I posted a few snaps over on my instagram account. :-) This was our view just before touching down, before swishing across the water on a vaporetto, Bond-style, to arrive at the incredible, quite gothic apartment we were staying in, and I was also really pleased with this shot, which apparently presented my 'photographer's eye' as much as my 'muse-dom'... Haha.

Jeremy has written about this trip: 'I set myself the challenge of trying to shoot a little "Russo-Venetian glamour" drawing inspiration from the medium format-style fashion and glamour photography favoured by a number of very talented Russian and Ukrainian artists with lots of lovely, rich, saturated colours and contrasty black & whites all framed with a square crop.'

Thank you Jeremy!

(This was my bed during the stay!)

(Sigh... And I had a bit of a crowd papping away at me while we shot this; we tried very hard not to be annoying, only shooting a few times for a minute or so each, so as not to be in the way of tourists who understandably wanted this shot to themselves... But I think a few people thought I must be 'someone', and then proceeded to follow me around slightly asking for photos of me with their own cameras, which was funny. Seriously, though, look at that magical peachy light!)

(with Sinopa Rin & Jessica Taylor)

It was a fleeting visit - a wonderful taste of Venezia! (By the way, I'm currently obsessed with the netflix series 'Marco Polo'. It's THE latest Game of Thrones, in my opinion.)

Tuesday, 30 December 2014

What a Wonderful Year! Presenting: 2014

It's New Years Eve tomorrow and I have a feeling I might not be able to get on the computer much in between seeing friends and celebrating (not that NYE is that big a deal to me; I'm one of those people who comes up with resolutions almost every week, so what's a few more to add to the list?!), so I thought I'd get this blog post in early!

I was originally going to publish my travel schedule for the next 12 months and talk about a few things I'm doing next year, but first, I want to look back!

So... Without further delay, here's a post I've come to very much enjoy compiling at the end of each year: my run down of highlights from this blog over the last twelve months. (2013 highlights here & 2012 highlights here.)

Get your remaining Christmas chocolates to hand (I highly favour ferrero rochers, personally), and any leftover mulled wine, and get comfy...

Presenting 2014:

From 'The Far Flinging Ocean' - image by Zoe Wiseman, taken in Australia

From 'Iceland' - image by Alex Ingram, taken at the incredible Geysir there:

From 'Smoke and Mesh' - image by Bjorn Hansen, taken in Sydney:

From 'Baby it's cold outside' - image by Chris Lloyd, taken at Eye For An Image Studio, Oxfordshire:

From 'Mellifluous Monochrome' - image by Malvin Jan Dyb, taken in Norway:

From 'Rainforest Revisited' - image by Dave Aharonian, taken in Canada:

From 'Curved Skies Down Under' - image by Jim Furness, taken in Australia (with Ivory Flame & Anoush Anou):

From 'The Moon' - image by ManCave, taken in West Berkshire:

From 'Birthdays - Soft Dances in a Room of Grey' - image by Mark Bigelow, taken at Studio Blanco:

From 'An Italian Garden' - image by Herb Nestler, taken in Tuscany (with Valentina Feula):

From 'Pearls, Fleurs & Luminance' - image by Bjorn Hansen, taken in Sydney:

From 'White, Yellow, Red & Blue' - image by Kev Bretts, taken in my (now famous) Oxfordshire bluebell patch:

From 'Closure; unfinished business' - image by Nigel Barklie, taken at Studio Blanco:

From '; also, weather' - image by Brian Connor, taken in Australia:

From 'Traveller' - image by Phil Chaplin, taken in Australia:

From 'Glimpses' - image by Alan Horten, taken at Paul's Studio, Reading:

From 'Sculpture' - bronze sculpture by Andrew Freidin:

From 'Black Feet & Metal' - image by Barend Jan de Jong, taken in Rotterdam, Netherlands:

From 'Tryst' - image by Malvin Jan Dyb, taken in Norway:

From 'Sunswept Sisters' - image by Mel Brackstone, taken in Australia (with Anoush Anou):

From 'Into the Deep' - image by Clayton Bastiani, taken on the Isle of Wight:

From 'Electric Blue, rain, shapes; Workshop and London Exhibition' - image by Eric Kellerman, taken in Holland:

From 'Catchlight in Belfast' - image by Ross McKelvey, taken in Belfast:

From 'A Rainbow' - image by Jeremy Howitt, taken in Oxford:

From 'Pink Venus' - image by Samuel Somers, taken in Belgium:

From 'Marian' - image by Jeff Wilson, taken in Oxfordshire:

From 'Norway Part 1 - Arctic Winds, Rainbows & Midnight Sun' - image by Hakon Gronning, taken in Norway:

From 'I must be a mermaid' - image by Hakon Gronning, taken in NOrway:

From 'Fruit, Fog & Romantic Pleasure' - image by ManCave (with Joel Hicks), taken in West Berkshire:

From 'Les Coquelicots dans La Pluie' - image by Don McCrae, taken in France:

From 'Den Haag' - image by Hans Miller, taken in the Netherlands:

From 'Paride' - image by Paride Ostierna, taken in Luton:

From 'Romantische' - image by Jeff Wilson, taken in Oxfordshire:

From 'Life from Ash' - image by Martin Krans, taken in Holland:

From 'Wheat, White & Apples' - image by Karen Jones, taken in Oxfordshire:

From 'She wore Blue...' - image by Luc Bollen, taken in Belgium:

From 'Pedal Boats & Bikinis' - image by Gary Sandy, taken in Southampton:

From 'Leonides the Lion Head' - image by David Ferris, taken in Australia:

From 'Europe' - image by Thomas Bichler, taken in Germany:

From 'Tags' - image by Stephen Bassett, taken in Belfast:

(Also, my dog... Sorry):

From 'The Wool Company' - image by Sarah @ The Wool Company, taken in Cornwall:

From 'Arbroath - Tayport' - image by Jim Furness, taken in Scotland:

From 'Sunday Medley' - image by Ken Pegg, taken in Dorset:

From 'Scandinavia' - image by Mads Erik Husdal, taken in Norway:

From 'A Certain Darkness is Needed to See The Stars' - image by Luc Bollen, taken in Brussels:

From 'A Blush of Wildlife' - image by Hugh Alison, taken in Wales:

From 'How to....' - image by Karen Jones, taken in France:

From 'Foreign Sands' - image by Martin Krans, taken in Holland:

From 'Oblique Strategies' - image by Matt McCosh, taken in the Midlands:

From 'Portents with Paride' - image by Paride Ostierna, taken in Oxford:

From 'Sunshine & Water' - image by Tom McArthur, taken in Portugal:

From 'Sunshine & Water' - image by Carl Grim, taken in Portugal:

From 'Fires Beneath her Feet' - image by Adrian Spencer, taken in Oxfordshire (wearing Clessidra designs):

From 'Primary Love' - image by CocTales Photography, taken in London:


And, finally, as a little preview of what comes next (as I did sort of promise it in the last post), here's one by Jeremy Howitt from our recent jaunt to Venice!
More on that soon...!