Monday, 4 May 2015

Paree, melancholy & tea

And you thought I'd forgotten about this blog...!

Here are some new shots taken by Jeremy Howitt on our fourth jaunt to Pareee. We fell in love with 'A Priori Thé', which served the most delicious Jasmine tea, and so did, naturally, become a priority as well as a self-evident philosophical truth.

My clear favourite is the first one in the golden dress. I felt a bit like Athena. Well done Jeremy!

Finally, I make absolutely no apologies for the flurry of bluebell images that are going to appear on this blog very soon... My favourite patch is looking amazing at the moment; so shockingly vibrant. They have been calling to me (and willing victims photographers have been volunteering to take them on)! :-)

Sunday, 5 April 2015

Gilliver (Travels)

Happy Easter!

Backlog ahoy... Just updating with a few(?) very natural (raw, unprocessed, full of coconut oil...) portraits and nudes from a fruitful shoot with David Gilliver...

Sunday, 29 March 2015

And now for something completely different...

The title makes sense when you take a look at these anomalies, two results from one of the most surreal shooting experiences of my life with Peter Kelly. I definitely hope I'll get to pose in his Python-esque playpen again next time I'm upside down (probably later this year).

Off to Paris tomorrow! :-)

Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Hourglasses: Ivory & Jade

...And here are two more from Adrian Spencer, which I almost forgot to show you. Here I am modelling Clessidra Couture... I modelled for these soon after darkening my hair a bit - it's faded slightly now, but is similar...

I can't even begin to describe how 'all over the place' in a good way I am at the moment, so I am really really sorry if things get slightly quiet here from time to time - my life is going in several directions at once. It's very exciting! Meanwhile, the shoots that I'm doing at the moment are producing work that cannot be blogged, so I suppose my standards here may be slipping. But hey, as mentioned in my last post in more detail, I'll write more over HERE in between my more image-tastic updates. :-)

Thursday, 5 March 2015

Boho Bride in Oxford Times... AND MY BRAND NEW PERSONAL WEBSITE!

I'm in the Oxford Times today, as part of a limited edition 'Boho Bride' feature, modelling Clessidra Couture, photographed by Adrian Spencer (with make up by Shameem Kumar and flowers by 'Budd's Flowers by Design'). We got some really gorgeous images that day! Glad to see I'm championing whimsical, fairytale weddings in my hometown! :-)

In other news, could I please ask you all to step over to my brand new website:

>>>>>>>CLICK HERE<<<<<<<
I'll be blogging there regularly with tidbits, extracts and ponderings from my life and my writing research. Yep, this is the place to be if you happen to like my writing style and want to pay attention to my gatherings of eclectic musings and accompany me on my hopeful meanderings towards authorship...

This will remain my modelling blog, of course, but the new place (link above) is an additional, deeper collection of words and thoughts, so will, I hope, more than fill in the gaps between the image-filled posts I publish over here.

I am also newly found on >>>>>>>TWITTER<<<<<<<, where I am currently a bit lonesome (and still figuring out how exactly to use it!!), so why not follow me there too and show me some love? :-)

As you can see, I'm distilling a particular part of myself (the writerly part) into a separate patch of the online world to give it more focus, and really enjoying being proactive. On the website, which will function mainly as a blog, you can expect words and thoughts on all manner of things, from God, love, online dating to homelessness, maths and chickens - all my behind the scenes nonsense which flits through my brain as I research the novel I'm writing (which is described, sort of, over on the website), as well as the odd excerpt from my current work in progress. It's all going to gain momentum quite quickly, I think, and is going to be quite fun! All are welcome and your encouragement genuinely means a lot.

Thank you all very much - I really do appreciate the support!

Saturday, 28 February 2015

Naiad & Idyll


Hello to everyone who's stumbled across this blog recently after the recent double re-publication of my '10 Things You Might Not Know about Nude Models' piece, over on DIY Photography and on Model Mayhem. I've been quite amazed by the level of positive response it's had from both photographers and models, and have had lots of messages since asking for interviews and translation rights all over the intersphere... I'll be honest, I'm a bit behind on messages as I've just been overwhelmed, but will get to them all as soon as I can!


Slightly relatedly, I am planning some gentle world domination for the second half of this year, and, prompted by a suggestion made in one of the comments below this recent facebook update...

... I have started dropping pins in a google map, based on where I need to go in order to position myself in front of the lenses of those various members of my photographer/artist bucket list. I think some hefty inter-continental travel is in order, judging by the scattered placement. It's good to get a clear visual of a possible itinerary. I have started to become increasingly independent from the 'usual suspect' portfolio sites over the last few months, as much as I value them, and I like the idea of maintaining a massive, global picturesque vision of possibility against the backdrop of a world map.


I have some newsI'm creating a brand new website/blog for my writing (poetry and fiction), which I generally do under a different name (stray modelling articles such as the recent '10 Things' one aside!). It's nerve-wracking and very exciting, and I'll be revealing it to you here very soon - just as soon as it's ready for public consumption. I really hope you'll all like it and your support would mean a lot to me.


And, finally for this belated blogtastic update, I have some brand new images to show you from the watery waves of a Cornish shoot. These images were shot by the truly lovely, and rather excellent, Imagesse, who is always a pleasure to model for as I know his mind is always racing with narratives as much as mine; a fact proven, unexpectedly, by the arrival in my inbox of a little story as well as the accompanying images.

" there I was, meandering along a forest trail beside a lazy river, my path lit by shafts of autumn sunlight breaking through the canopy. Gradually, the moving water developed a sense of urgency and soon my stroll was accompanied by the sound of tumbling rapids. Rounding a bend into a deep gorge, I stopped to bask in the peace and wonder of this place. Several minutes past when I thought I heard a voice above the sound of the falls.  There it was again, a soft female voice, singing a clear song.  Now puzzled, I turned towards the source of the sound. As I raised myself above my rocky seat, I was presented with a vision, the like of which I had never seen.  There before me, on a mossy perch beside the white water, sat a beautiful woman.  Clothed in nothing but her own skin, she seemed unaware of my presence yet at one with the river.  Spellbound, I watched her hands play with the swirls and eddies of the dark, peaty liquid.  Unable to move, unable to breathe, I realised this vision was a naiad; a rare and benign female nymph who belonged to this fresh water idyll. For those dreamlike moments, time stood still, until my reverie was disturbed by the crack of a branch snapping nearby. That distraction made me turn my head for but a few seconds, but when I turned back, that beautiful creature was gone.  All that remained was the trees, the rocks and the river.  The endlessly moving, river......"