Monday, 19 April 2010

The Sea, The Sea (I ran by it)

And I ran a little bit IN it, which was nice. Being by the sea makes me so inexplicably happy; I deeply envy those who live near it and as if it's just some other landmark or view. The ocean excites me sooo much; partly in a perverse way, since it terrifies me slightly (think of the ghosts down there; the sailors who gulped their last watery breaths alone; the bones; the deep, thundery laps of water rolling over itself and the bus-sized creatures who lurk, glass-eyed, past each other, having changed very little since the dinosaur age; the creaking sounds of ships and debris; the hunting noises and the dull squawks of the gulls over the water.... See, I even love sea gulls). Being at the shore-line is always magical. So you can see why I was quite excited to be working with John Kent down in Bournemouth recently.

We worked primarily on some stock images; running down the beach - lust for life, that kind of thing. My calves hurt a LOT the next day. I'd forgotten how running on sand can take its toll, especially if you don't warm up..!

Then, I spent some time spinning and twirling under an arch, wearing pretty clothes. I do love my job!

Wednesday, 14 April 2010

The final installment

... Of images from my shoot with photographer Mark Bigelow featuring Ivory Flame. I love these images - it was such a creative, productive shoot! :)

Click here to view some 'backstage' shots of the day. :)

Mark will be exhibiting a variety of work as part of Oxford Artweeks 8th-16th May: find out more.

Saturday, 10 April 2010


Simon Young is one of those photographers I just had to work with. We spent a full day in Gloucestershire at some brilliant locations with some lovely make up (by Simon) and in beautiful evening light. Rob, who I'd worked with previously, acted as assistant extraordinaire, prime reflector holder and distractor of passers-by, and also dedictated grass-gatherer to protect my feet from sinking in the squelchiest mud imaginable.

My Mum's Victorian-style wedding dress, as worn in 1979 and brought to life with a dash of Florence and the Machine (Simon thinks) and Wuthering Heights (I think):