Monday, 30 January 2012

Some fashion-y bits from Pierus

Hhhm. How many photos are too many for a single blog post? I always post too many (it's definitely true that there is more impact when a viewer sees fewer shots per set), and I might even learn one day to post more selectively, but since this blog is my designated place free of such rules and limits, I shall continue to overflood the area. On the plus side, maybe it shows that I can get a lot done in one relatively short shoot... (And not that I'm just really indecisive.) Yeah, I'll go with that.

Photography by Pierus, from a recent trip to Cambridge. Muchos appreciation to him for kindly sending these!

The last one reminds me somehow of an actor's shot.

And since I'm here... Here are some of the nudes we did as well - nice, simple shapery with lovely fine-detail lighting:

Saturday, 28 January 2012

Bug Off*

The following photos were taken by the excellent Cam Attree in and around a derelict old cannery. To see two previous posts from our time together, click here and here; this third and final selection is very different again.

* You'll notice an inventory of insect bites remains intact. 'Bug off' relates to the multiple orange bottles of insect repellant spray Cam and Mal Grant (who was shooting Merrique simultaneously) brought with them for us all to use. Most bug-infested location ever. I don't like using aerosols, but this stuff smelled really good - so sweet and fruity, baffling me entirely as to how it would do anything but attract insects. Anyway... I think it helped (and one of the bottles was very helpful for the rest of my trip after my Deet had run out...!)! Furthermore, for Christmas my Mum bought me a moisturiser by Avon which US soldiers apparently use for its little-known anti-insect effects. Feckin' mosquitos.