Monday, 27 October 2014

“A certain darkness is needed to see the stars."

They slipped
into an intimacy
from which they
never recovered
~ F. Scott Fitzgerald

Images by Luc Bollen (from a lovely little shoot in Brussels):


Tuesday, 21 October 2014


After this and this, I have another batch of images from Norway to show today!

These are more experimental, indoor (well, some are, and to be inside was a bit of a relief after all that mermaid-ing about in arctic winds, as thrilling as that was) and many of them, in my opinion, really capture the cool, glowy fresh light you get in Scandinavia.

by Mads Erik Husdal:

By Lars Andreas Dybvik:

(a couple of 'behind the scenes' scenes first!)

and by Hakon Gronning:

I'm off to Venice tomorrow, having got back from Vienna a couple of days ago. What a ridiculously exciting time it's been, modelling at full throttle. I'm already taking bookings for next year (having taken one for August a little while ago already), and would urge anyone wishing to reserve some time with me in the UK or beyond to get in touch and start making arrangements. I'll take just a few more bookings for this winter (November - Jan) - you can get in touch via

Sunday, 12 October 2014

Sunday Medley

A medley of different images for this turn-the-heater-on Sunday.

I've been packing for Vienna and getting seriously excited about certain upcoming gallavants (came across this the other day which made me smile.. quite drastic!), while feeling all nostalgic in front of Jurassic Park, etc. (I think I know every scene of that film). Had a fun studio shoot yesterday - the first to show off my new hair colour (I accidentally walked into a hair salon as I fancied a change!). Tonight I'm back on Downton Abbey watch, though I fear they're going to take blimmin' ages to unveil the war memorial (one of the scenes I'm in).

(By Ken Pegg)

Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Arbroath - Tayport

Always nice to shoot with Jim Furness, whose multi-camera set-up allows for some landscapes extraordinaires!

These were taken in Scotland the other day, including a place called 'The Devil's Head' (or 'the deil's heid'):

I suggested this spot in the image below as it seemed to me like I'm at the top of a cracked earth; Jim's clever fish eye makes it extra odd:

And, to finish, we got a lift in a yacht, so that I could do (a version of) my Kate Winslet impression. Thankfully I managed to stay upright-ish, clinging on in the wind:

... All in a day's work. :-)