Travel Plans & Whereabouts

I've modelled in many different countries across different continents, from the Scottish Highlands to Penzance, from Mexico to Iceland and from the Mediterranean to the Middle East; in ancient forests, lakes and waterfalls, derelict buildings, ruins, grand houses and beautiful modern hotels; underwater, in deserts, in geothermal pools and geysers, against famous city landmarks, in cobbled colonial streets and flower gardens; in the sea, on the beach and in swimming pools, up mountains, on rock faces, on the tops of cliffs, and in sunshine, rain, frost and snow. I thrive on variety and am a traveller at heart; my portfolio is a catalogue of moments and places I've been lucky enough to experience.

(Copyright: Jim Furness)
I travel nationally and internationally for modelling jobs. Please use the contact form to email me with any booking enquiries, or if you'd like me to contact you when I next visit your part of the world.
I live in Oxfordshire, near London, and often organise trips around different parts of the UK (especially when prompted!). Meanwhile, I'm available for bookings in 'local' areas such as London, Wiltshire, Buckinghamshire, Hampshire, Dorset, Sussex, Gloucestershire, Somerset, Bedfordshire, Hertfordshire, Cambridgeshire, and the Midlands.

As well as flitting about within the UK, I visit these places regularly (e.g. about once each per year):

EUROPE (Italy, Germany, Ireland, Austria, Switzerland, France, Scotland, Belgium, Norway, Iceland, Wales, Spain, Portugal, The Netherlands), & sometimes
(...Just ask for details, or to influence my itinerary. Excuses to visit your corner of Earth are welcome.)

....Or you can come to me!
I live 'out in the sticks' in Oxfordshire and therefore have acres of ancient woodland, open spaces & flowers/bluebells/cornfields (seasonal!) on my doorstep. I love shooting here and offer a slight discount as it's so convenient for me. Otherwise, I can recommend studios, local or otherwise, or some beautiful outdoor locations near me (woodland, ancient ruins, rivers, parks, fields, stone walls, avenues of trees... Oxford itself is also very easy on the eye!

Some extra info:
  • I do not list the dates of my trips online, as they are so frequently subject to change/addition/substraction... I receive many enquiries daily and my schedule is constantly evolving; for my availability for your project, please just ask.
  • If your location is not currently featured in my plans, please get in touch and register your interest; that way, I can contact you directly when visiting your area in the future, ensuring you don't miss out. Alternatively, I urge you to just invite me for a specific booking; I can then organise further assignments in your area, if you prefer to share out my travel costs. Often a single advance booking can kick start a mini 'tour'!
  • Perhaps worth mentioning: I don't generally do 'studio days' (a popular concept in the UK where studios advertise that a model will be attending and sell consecutive sessions on the model's behalf). They are usually great fun, but I prefer to take bookings directly rather than being told by a third party who I'm working with. For this reason, please don't wait for me to do a studio day in your area, because it could never happen. Instead, do take the initiative and arrange something with me if you like (many do, and I love them for it)! I can recommend many studios in my area, too.
I welcome all enquiries, questions and ideas, whether it's last minute or far in advance, and wherever in the world you are. If you’d like my help/recommendations with booking a studio or location, I am happy to assist.