Thursday, 26 August 2010


Here's the advert for a CD with my face on, photography by Patrick Allen at I think I look suitably wistful. :-)

Friday, 20 August 2010

Fashionesque with Karl Baxter & Becky Hunting

I've just been sent these files from Karl Baxter, from a shoot we did earlier this month. Although I was initially quite surprised when he contacted me, as I'm not known for being a fashion model, he said he was interested in working with me precisely because I had a much softer look than the models he usually works with, and his enthusiasm really rubbed off on me. I love to work with people who are really open about wanting to shoot with me and just get on with the planning with no faffing around or playing it too cool; I find it really inspiring to be believed in! The results are so different for me (and for him!). The clothes are a mixture of Poof and my own. Make up and massive afro (I had to readjust my normal notions of the size of my own head when posing, hoping it was all getting in the frame, and couldn't help touching my own hair between sets, marvelling at its birds nest-like texture...) by the wonderfully talented Becky Hunting. I hope you like these shots! Comments/likes/dislikes welcome as always.

Monday, 16 August 2010

Fri 13th... Not so unlucky!

I worked with Michael for the second time, at a beautiful late Georgian, early Victorian house in Wiltshire. Although the weather wasn't exactly on our side (downpours all day!), you just can't go wrong in such an amazing location. Michael's style thrives on soft, natural light and the beautiful, rustic 'shabby chic', furnishings and features of the house were just perfect for someone who places such importance on location (much of Michael's work is travel photography). He's very kindly sent me some images from the day:

Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Commercial/lifestyle with Chris Rout

I'd be meaning to work Chris Rout for over a year before I finally got around to it. I needed some lifestyle shots for my commercial agencies and have always admired the incredible way Chris captures light; his work is so fresh and natural, which was exactly what I needed, so the 5-hour trip (each way) to Middlesbrough was well worth the time and effort. I couldn't believe how quickly he worked. We got through over 20 sets, I think, with many of them finished within just 3-4 shots! Chris also needed some natural-looking stock styles (many of which I haven't included here), so it was a great exchange.

Also, in case you missed it on my rather smug (sorry!) facebook status (page here), the hotel I stayed in before the shoot had a cancellation and I was offered a free upgrade to an enormous room with two beds (one being a double four poster), gorgeous antique-looking furniture and a stained glass bay window. Brilliant! I hardly ever stay in hotels, so it's always quite a novelty anyway.

Back to the images. I won't lie, there's a lot (A LOT) of cheese here. Good, wholesome 'don't you just love life?' stuff... Brace yourselves!

(... And as you can see, I'm struggling to limit these down to just a few favourites. As the whole idea of commercial/lifestyle portfolio shots is for the potential client to see what you would look like in a given 'scenario', it's all about seeing/showing yourself in different ways and from different points of view... So thoughts and opinions are very welcome, as always.)

Kicking off with 'Casual Ella':

'Purple Dress (dangerously close to editorial but not allowing ourselves to go there for more than a couple of shots) Ella':

'Health and Beauty Ella' (including 'my elbow hurts'):

'Catalogue Ella':

'Hanging out in lingerie Ella' (kicking off this time with 'my stomach hurts'/'perhaps I'm pregnant'):

'Office Ella' (including 'let's talk business' Ella and my personal favourite, 'really really excited, office has won the lottery' Ella):

'Safari Ella':

'Mumsy Ella':

'Bikini Frolics' and 'Action Ella':

And 'Ballerina Ella':

What a productive day!