Sunday, 23 August 2015

A story full of sea

Having spent this morning unpacking from yesterday's trip and re-packing for tomorrow's, and while listening to Eska's debut album (she fits somewhere between Joni Mitchell and Laura Mvula, I think; though those elements are disparate and she very much does her own, unique thing!), I thought I'd show some photos I've just received. In April, I was able to fit in a shoot with Perry (Imagesse), who I've worked with many, many times now, while in Cornwall primarily for another shoot for The Wool Company. We always end up in some very beautiful places (often beaches!) and I love his storytelling imagination which whirs while I pose. In fact, these images were delivered to my inbox yesterday with a long story written to accompany them! In between the images below, there are some snippets of his words and phrases...

'...When I was walking a quiet section of the coast path on the rugged wreckers coast...Somehow I had stumbled on a secret cove...'

'I made my way down a set of steep steps ...I found myself absolutely alone in that pure new world...'

'...The rhythmic mantra of the ocean...'

'...I made my way, to the glowing brightness which led me out of the cave...'

'...I discerned something else...' 

'...something smooth and curvaceous...' 

'...moving through the cove...'

'...My mind started to work overtime...' 

'...if she had not come from the land...' 

'...she must have come from the sea...'

'...she remained in my vision...'

'...then she turned and walked purposely towards the sea...'

Thursday, 6 August 2015

Balancing Act

I've just finished packing for my third shoot with a photographer who's working with me this time in my nearby ancient woodland tomorrow morning, just for an hour. Having amused myself with the curation of some very fanciful outfits (I love it when I'm given free rein with styling, even if there are only so many sets you can get through in such a quick session!), I thought I'd update with some images sent to me which were taken in Vienna.

(I need to get myself back to Vienna again soon - SO much to see and do there!)

As you can imagine, some of these were a bit challenging, but challenges are fun, are they not? :-)

(Organisation and set design by Roland Pum)

By Peter Eibler:

By Manfred Klejna:

More by Peter Eibler:

Hope you are all having wonderfully balanced weeks.

Sunday, 2 August 2015

Hot Earth & Hammocks

Two blog posts in one day? I just had this urge to show you these, too, after being shown the hammock image during a little trip to Germany (which had me modelling for what I know will be some very special images! Can't wait for those chemicals to do their thing...) - I bought a hammock in Costa Rica (with beautiful design and colours, lugged back very happily in my treasure-filled backpack) and am just waiting for that perfect garden with that perfect arrangement of hammock-able trees... It'll be worth the wait. :-)

By Steven Billups:

(With the wonderful Meghan)

Bluebellia and filmic head flicks

The lovely Rob Ellis came to visit me in Oxfordshire when the bluebells were out, and did some marvellous things with different cameras and effects... I love these!

 (I also think this next one is kinda cool, where I'm just wearing my big padded coat and a head flick...)

(Head flick sans coat...)