Sunday, 1 January 2012

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everyone! Hope things get better and better and reality is aligned with your bestest dreams (and certainly not the creepy dream I had last night about my poor cat being attacked... a little too much NYE wine, I think...) Hope everyone had fun last night, whether it was a big party for you or a quiet night in. I definitely invented some new dance moves with my friends in their lounge, and have now finally recovered. Felt ill all day (well, it's only once a year, isn't it?). :(

Here are some more shots from Ron Skei - somehow I'd lost the email he'd sent them to me in (ooops!!), and so I'm rediscovering them now. The prop in the first set is a chair/basket thingy. Cool huh?

...I'm off now to watch Adele (who reaches into my brain for her lyrics) on TV.