Sunday, 29 May 2011

The shed with a cave inside...

I worked recently with Rayment Kirby at his home/shed in East Sussex (before the Ophelia shoot detailed below). I think Ray is absolutely brilliant - so refreshingly ingenious with his make-shiftery. He creates backdrops, lighting and even camera equipment himself, making the most of what he has to hand. He has such a creative approach to 'things' and this makes the results even more special, I think. The photographs below are intended to go towards a book he's working on at the moment, and you can read more about his fascinating methods on his blog.

Here are some of the shots from the session. Some of them were taken against a blue screen, with the idea that they would then be re-worked digitally into different backgrounds, but they work well in themselves I think.

The first shot is proabably my favourite. In front of the blue screen was hung some plastic sheeting, draped to create interesting plays with the light.

Through the window...

You can read about the methods involved in the last shot here - 'Caving for Beginners'!

Thanks Ray and I look forward to the next one!