Thursday, 16 June 2011

Out-And-About Glamour

The word 'glamour' has become such a walking-on-eggshells word. My new website, which I promise is on its way (I have had some concerned emails questioning the fact that my website is down, which is hugely flattering - always nice to know it's being looked at) will include a gallery (one of 12) called 'Glamoureuse' - a nod to glamour and also away from it, in the sense that everyone who sees my work will know that I don't do 'page 3'-style stuff - it's just not my thing. I find it boring (I bet the 'page three' brigade would find my style interminably dull, so no hard feelings I'm sure) and I doubt I'd pull it off anyway without a quick fake tan, etc. Anyway, glamour is cool. I like glamour. I like the version of glamour that's in my head. (My head involves glamour which is probably a little bit 70s; soft, pretty, sensual and elegant.)

Par exemple, here are some images I meant to blog a while ago, from the most recent Yerbury Boudoir Academy seminar I modelled for (copyright Faye Yerbury):


By Jean-Marc Gargentiel (a photographer attending the course):

Also, while I'm here, here's some bridal stuff we did the same day:

By Faye Yerbury:

And by Trevor Yerbury: