Thursday, 14 July 2011

Ghost & Grapes

I love images which show movement blur - to be honest I've never been a huge fan of the 'stop motion' school of photography. I much prefer to move around like a mad thing and hope some kind of shutter release makes some kind of cool ghostliness happen. The following (very experimental) images were taken as part of the second shoot I did with Keith Cooper at Cheltenham Film Studios. I think they're really cool - I'm barely even in some of them, so they're nice and 'anonymous'. I love the bright freshness and vibrancy of the colours in the first few, then the muted, soft, pale hues in the second lot. The piece of silk fabric I'd brought along (hand-dyed from Cairo, dontchya know) looks a bit like flames, flying up in sultry licks.

Here we are then:

We also did some Roman/Greek/Latin-esque images against a be-lettered piece of fabric Keith had brought along to use as a background, avec grapes and some of my be-coined dance pieces. A productive shoot!