Saturday, 12 April 2014


A weekend update...

My week (or so) has involved such things as workshopping poetry (seriously, it's amazing how fired up and excited a group of literary-enthusiasts can become over the implications for meaning of 'the' or 'a' within a particular clause. Arguments and dark-choc-ginger biscuits galore. I seriously love this new group I'm part of!), eating dinner at the delicious 'restaurant, cafe and boating venue', 'The Folly', which I recommend for anyone visiting Oxford, walkies with Lulu, of course, and the usual other exploits... I also had a really nice wander around the Wiltshire village Lacock during a lunch break, when modelling there for a portraiture workshop. I was on the hunt for the small village bakery and came back with a new watch. Typical. (I'm still on the hunt for one to replace the beautiful watch I was given for my 21st birthday but unfortunately lost; this new one is no replacement, really, but a fun (/cheap) stand in. It's magnetic. Handmade. It has silver hearts. It's nicer than it sounds.) I also had a last minute agency job which involved a loooooong costume-fitting for an exciting production I'm going to be involved in, which I'm sure I'll tell you all about in due course.

For the image side of things, here's something by Phil Chaplin (more of his beautiful work here). How cool was this, for a location?! A step up (quite literally) from the usual 'model on train tracks' cliche you see done again and again... Thank you Phil for letting me blog this, in both mono and colour...

(Click to see properly.)

P.S. I'm so in love with Ray Lamontagne (Till the Sun Turns Black is such a beautiful album, e.g. this exquisite auditory business), and love this new, uncharacteristically upbeat summer offering. I know you don't ask for my current musical interests, but I feel compelled to share them with you, occasionally. :-)