Sunday, 4 September 2011

Fertile Lands

These were taken by Imagesse in Gloucestershire. The lavender field in this first shot was one of many streaming, dazzling, potent beds of rich colour, which were just incredibly beautiful. The bees thought so too; I posed amongst a constant buzz of them, busily going about their pollen parties by my feet.

The rest of the shots here were taken in a corn field we found nearby; the weather had started to crack just as we were finishing our very impromptu session; my fertility dance worked - fat drops of rain fell out of the sky! (Notice the strip of lavender field in the background of the colour shots)

Mmmm... lavender...

So yeah... Check out the lavender cupcakes I made. They were AMAZING, quite frankly (despite the haphazard icing). I felt a bit bad stealing a few sprigs after the shoot, but only took a tiny little bit, honest... And they had plenty. (BAD morality; I strongly disapprove of this type of rationality in general...)